About Us: Custom Builders

2018 Prow Front Model
22ft Plum Prow Front Shed Roof Model In 2019

This 2018 Model is 21’ X 8’6” with a 2’ Prow Front, Custom built for Northern Minnesota. This model features include, LP 1X8  Lap Siding. Spray Foam Insulation, 3 1/2 inches in the walls and 5 inches in the ceiling and 3” in the floor. Knotty pine cabinets,paneling, walls and ceiling. A 36”x 36”shower stall, and a  Nature’s  Head compost toilet.  Propane 14L on demand hot water heater. Alpine 12,000 BTU mini split heating and air conditioning unit. ‘Teak Wood’ countertop and table.  This was a custom build home for a young couple in northern Minnesota.  Call for pricing.


Picknell’s Tiny Homes On Wheels. Our Yellow  Model is unique in that it is made from Log. Logs have long been used for durable, warm, cozy living. There is something to be said of natural products verses man made.

Picknell’s Tiny Homes on Wheels
Yellow Finch Model 16ft Tiny Homes on Wheels
Inside the Tiny Yellow Model 16Ft

Our tiny homes are not limited to Log / Timber, they can be framed and the materials of personal choice, as we specialize in custom building. Possibilities are as numerous as your dreams.

Picknells Tiny Homes on Wheels 715-205-1834


This was the 1st of our Timber Tiny Homes 2016 14ft Bunkhouse.
2020 Built this Shell for a customer 8’6” X 33’ Prow Front Model. All Inside Electrical and Spray foam insulation done.