Our Company History

Picknell’s Tiny Homes on Wheels

Greetings to you all, THOW enthusiast! We noticed many that have contacted us by means of our website. So in response to any questions or customers that are looking for an economical tiny house on wheels. We are located in Northwest Wisconsin, and most of our tiny homes we build are well insulated because of our colder weather here in the Midwest. If you have any questions, pricing, feel free to send us a text or give us a call at 715-205-1834

We have been Home Builders for 25 years our previous occupation was (RPM Log Home Builders).

Our first two tiny homes we built by log timbers a 14ft bunkhouse, sold in 2016 for $3,500

Yellow Finch Model, which was only 16ft which was completely finished and was sold 2017 to a gentleman in Minneapolis St. Paul as a Airbnb For $17,500.

Our third custom built tiny home in 2018 the Sage green 8,6” x 21ft’ plus a 2’ Prow front model sold finished with ‘teak’ countertops at $31,500 to a young couple in Foley Minnesota, which is their home on the organic farm.

Our forth custom finished in 2019 a Plum color Tiny with green door 8’6 x 22’ plus a 2’ prow front shed roof Model for a young lady in North Branch Minnesota for $25,975

Our Sixth THOW was framed in a custom built 8’6” x 26’ x 13’5” for a family to finish there there project in Eau Claire Wisconsin $12,000. Year 2020

Our Seventh THOW 8’6”X 24’ ” Shell ” which perhaps you have seen some of the pictures of. Now it’s a two tone Green. All electrical wiring was installed $14,500 Sold in Year 2019

Our Eighth THOW 8′ X 32′ “Shell”. Bumper hitch metal siding green & Pinewood metal trim, all wiring completed and closed cell spray foam. $29,500. Year 2020

Our Ninth THOW 10′ X 33′ “Shell” The owner purchased the tiny house trailer. Our cost for construction $27,000 Year 2020

Our Tenth tiny on skids 8′ X 12′ For Sale $12,500 3-28-21 we call it our Covid-19 project. Year 2021

Our Eleventh THOW 8′ X 28′ 5th wheel Trailer. Under construction , will be completed by May 2021

We have three Trailers available to build on as of 4-1-2021 1- 24ft. and 1-30ft. and 1- 28ft 5th wheel trailer.

Thank you for your interest again any questions feel free to contact us by phone 715-205-1834

Google Picknell’s Tiny Homes on Wheels or website tinyhomelife.org

email: picknell1@icloud.com

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